Diaton Tonometer

Diaton Tonometer
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The Diaton Tonometer is a revolutionary new approach to measuring intra ocular pressure (IOP) of the eye non-invasively over the eyelid.  The ability to measure IOP is crucial to early detection of glaucoma where the IOP rises above 21.  Glaucoma can lead to blindness if not treated and the earlier the treatment the better the outcome for the patient.   

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  Key Benefits

  • No Contact with the cornea
  • No anesthesia drops
  • No risk of infecting
  • No Consumables
  • No need to take out contacts
  • No sterilization needed
  • No need to adjust with pachymetry
  • Can be administer by Medical Staff

  Patient Criteria:

  • Anyone over 50 years of age
  • Anyone with a history (or family history) of glaucoma or diabetes
  • African American over 40 years of age


The Diaton tonometer provides a highly reliable method to Inter ocular Pressure (IOP) measuring results and makes it possible to diagnose glaucoma on the early stage and appoint necessary treatment and medicines.

General Information Regarding Glaucoma Testing:

  • CPT Code 92140 – Average Allowable $62.00 – Test description: Provocative tests for glaucoma w/interpretation & report
  • ICD-9 Code example 365.00 (pre-glaucoma unspecified)
  • Does not require a modifier
  • Normal eye pressure should be between 8 – 20
  • Results over 21 should be referred to a specialist

Who can be tested:

  • Anyone over 50 years of age
  • Anyone with a history (or family history) of glaucoma or diabetes
  • African American over 40 years of age

New diaton tonometer has a number of indisputable advantages, making the IOP measuring process handy for the doctor and comfortable for the patient.

Features diaton Goldmann
Air-jet Tonopen
No contact with the cornea +        
Portability +   +   +
Displays independence from cornea's crookedness.
Digital IOP indication +     + +
Measurement in sitting position + +   + +
Measurement in reclining position +   +   +
Short-time measurement +     +  
Sterilization is not required +     +  
Anesthesia is not required +     +  

Comparison tests of diaton tonometer and Goldman tonometer are the evidence of high reliability of diaton tonometer displays.


Measurement range, mm Hg 5-60
Measurement error Limit of the admissible measurement error in the range, not more:
from 5 to 20 mm Hg - ±2 mm Hg;
from 20 to 60 mm Hg - ±10%
The time of a single measurement, s, not more 3
Supply voltage, V 3
Number of measurements using one battery set, not less 1500
Service life, not less 8
Weight, g 89
Dimensions, mm, not more 174 x 26 x 20

Method for measuring the intraocular pressure through the eyelid and device for realizing the same are protected with the Patent of Russia #2123798, United States Patent # US 6,394,954 B1 and Patent of Japan #3593314.

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