Biowave - Percutaneous Electrodes - Set of 6

Biowave - Percutaneous Electrodes - Set of 6
Product Code: BWEP01-B
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Biowave Percutaneous Electrodes utilize a patented microneedle technology to further facilitate the delivery of the BiowavePRO therapeutic signals through the skin, directly into deep tissue. Biowave Percutaneous Electrodes are sterile, single-use electrodes, and are used under the supervision of a physician to reduce severe chronic, acute or postoperative pain.


BWEP01-B: two round equal area percutaneous electrodes (2.5 inch diameter) for treating two equal points of pain. Used for bilateral or unilateral pain in the lower back, buttocks, cervical spine, and shoulders, for radiculopathies, for pain centered directly over the spine, for pain throughout the knee, and for pain over large areas.

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